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Camp for the Fatherless

Helping kids growing up without a father realize they have a special place in Gods heart.


Our Mission

Psalm68five is a Non-profit organization on a mission to help change the trajectory of fatherless kids from very poor statistical outcomes in life, to great outcomes where they learn to understand and accept the special relationship promised to them by God the Father through Jesus Christ.

Psalm 68:5

“A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.”


Currently we are offering hope to fatherless children by providing opportunities for them to go to Christian Summer camp so they can unplug from the influences of the world and learn that God is longing to have a “special” relationship with them as promised in Psalm 68:5.

Love of the Father

Most of us have fathers. They teach us things… life skills, how to tie a tie, how to drive a car, how to succeed at that job interview, how to follow God. But what about the millions of kids whose father is absent? The statistics tell us that many of them will grow up to become drug addicts, school drop-outs, alcoholics or teen suicide stories. We believe God has a better plan.

Partnership Camps

Psalm68five partners with each of these camps to provide scholarships or “Camperships” (our term), to children growing up without a father. If you are interested in applying for a Psalm68five campership, please contact the camp closest to you for information about their process. For Camp Lake Louise, the link below will take you to their scholarship application page specifically for Psalm68five.

Fatherless Statistics

of youth suicides are from fatherless homes (US Dept. Of Health/Census) – 5 times the average.

of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes – 32 times the average.

of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes – 20 times the average. (Center for Disease Control)

of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes – 9 times the average. (National Principals Association Report)

of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes – 10 times the average.

of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes – 20 times the average. (Fulton Co. Georgia, Texas Dept. of Correction)

of US children live without their father (US Department of Census)

of pregnant teenagers lack a father. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services press release, Friday, March 26, 1999)

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Sponsor a Child or Children

You can help a fatherless child experience the joys of camp for a week and learn what it means to be a son or daughter of the King.

$375 Per Child