Camp Update
September 15, 2015 Richard Taveira

Camp Update

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Let me just start by saying how honored I feel to be in this position. Working with these ninth and tenth graders has been an eye opening experience for these campers and myself. We all saw God moving through them and exposing himself to them in a new light.

On that first day of camp I felt a little overwhelmed with nine girls here on scholarship. I wondered how I was going to be able to reach them all, but through the grace of God they all were moved in some way. The beginning of the week was tough trying to get the girls to open up and to hear the words I had to say. They would acknowledge what I said and then would change the subject. I was starting to feel really down on myself and felt like I was failing. It was not until Wednesday night that God reveled that they were hearing the words I had shared with them.

Wednesday night the program staff put on a skit that represented how our lives can be de-railed and we can be pulled farther and farther from God. It showed how relationships, body image, partying, drugs, and sin in general could pull you away from what is right. All of the campers were so moved by what they saw, tears were shed, hugs exchanged and prayers being shouted for repentance and forgiveness.

Overall this week was life changing and mountain moving. God revealed himself to all in more ways than one and these campers are equipped with the armor of God and are ready to take on whatever life may throw at them.

God Bless, Molly Britz

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